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Welcome, to Northstar Guidance – helping men find their “true direction”!

Northstar Guidance is the culmination of 35 years of counseling, spiritual guidance, teaching, and training, and has been developed to help all men achieve full, rich, meaningful, and integrated lives – independent of external expectations and restrictions.

If you’re looking to get your personal and spiritual life back on track, whether that requires some small adjustments or setting a whole new direction, Northstar Guidance can help.

We’ll work together to clarify what you’re looking for and develop a plan of action that matches your schedule and financial abilities.

You decide the best way to receive the guidance and support you need – face to face, online, by phone, a combination – it’s up to you.

Imagine living a more focused, fulfilling, integrated life!  Northstar Guidance can help you realize that dream.

For more information, contact me at drg@northstarguidance.com.