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NorthStar Guidance |  Integrated Growth and Development

Integrated Growth and Development

Not Sure This is For You?

If you are one of the many men of our time who are:

  • Wanting to live more by your own design and not the expectations and demands of others
  • Searching for those values or “North Star” that will give your life a deeper sense of meaning and purpose
  • Seeking to connect with a more masculine spirituality
  • Caught in that “in between state” where the same old thoughts and actions aren’t working for you any more
  • Tired of following society’s definition of what it means to be a man in this world and losing yourself in the process
  • In need of healing from hurtful religious experiences
  • Seeking greater knowledge and understanding about the spirituality of men

Still not sure?

Imagine being energized and empowered by:

  • Developing a personal mission statement or to give focus to your actions and decision making
  • Creating a personal and spiritual growth “training” program
  • Identifying, addressing, and overcoming obstacles to personal and spiritual growth
  • Connecting with resources specifically designed to promote masculine spirituality
  • Establishing a Personal Action Plan for life
  • Learning more effective communication and relationship skills

Northstar Guidance can help you get it all together for a focused, integrated, strategic life plan.