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NorthStar Guidance |  Why “Men Only”?

Why “Men Only”?

Most expectations of “maleness” are not only unhealthy, but limit men in their true potential and, ultimately, their contribution to this world.

The result is often a profound sense of “woundedness” that can limit the ability of men to live full, healthy, productive, vital lives.

And, there are simply not enough resources and “elders” focused on helping all men on the path of personal and spiritual growth – regardless of their background, faith experience, sexual orientation, or cultural training. Matthew Fox, in his book “The Hidden Spirituality of Men” says it best:

It is time for all men to grow up spiritually. We need to explore ancient wisdom and deep teachings about the spiritual life of men. If it is true that the spiritual life of men is, for many, hidden or concealed, repressed or forgotten, then great things might follow if we dare to unbury and open up……”

Why the emphasis on spirituality?

Spirituality has been defined as that daily, lived experience that “opens our awareness to the ultimate and core realities of our      existence.” (Bill Plotkin in Soulcraft)  The more we are able to deepen that awareness of the “core realities,” the more we are able to  effectively integrate the personal, professional, social, psychological, and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Is there a difference between the spirituality of gay and straight men?

All men share a longing to live as powerful adults, to find their own sense of what it means to be masculine as well as their purpose in this world. All men also share the pressure to meet social and cultural expectations of what it means to be male.

In addition to the harm done to all men by these expectations, many gay men have suffered from an inordinate amount of betrayal from family, religious institutions, society, and even self-betrayal that has left them deeply wounded. Straight or gay, if the wounds left by the events of life are left unhealed, men will be unable to reach their full potential as strong adult males.

While sharing much in common, in the final analysis, each man, gay or straight, is unique in his quest for masculine spirituality. Aware of the many things all men share in common, I recognize and am sensitive to the unique needs of each individual male and works with each individual to develop a personal, integrated, strategic life plan.

We’re all in this together!

All men have suffered their wounds. All men have the ability to transform their pain into a source of wisdom and compassion. All men have the potential to be leaders and elders of the next generation of men. I developed Northstar Guidance to guide and to mentor men to that potential that wisdom and compassion, that leadership of other men. And if all men work together to understand and support each other in their journey, the possibilities are endless!